It Was held on Saturday 15 September in Vigarano Mainarda (Fe) the fifth edition of the prestigious Carlo Rambaldi – Effect cinema, dedicated to the memory of the great master of Visual effects winner of 3 Oscars. The event, organized by Carlo Rambaldi cultural foundation under the patronage of the municipality of Vigarano Mainarda, as every year aims to highlight young talent and professionalism that have distinguished themselves in film and art. Host of the ceremony Victor Rambaldi, son of the great Maestro, who awarded four personalities who have distinguished themselves in the field of cinematography and creativity. Among the winners of this Fifth Edition: the Editorial Director of iMOVIEZ Magazine and actress sunny V, awarded for acting quality and versatility in film, tv and radio; the freehand designer Max Redin, for the originality of his artwork in the Visual Arts; the young filmmaker Marcello Baretta, for their commitment and passion made in the dissemination of Visual special effect. Leonardo Cruciano from the Makinarium group won the highest award of the Festival, for the innovation and the historical continuity in the creation of the special and Visual effects both in Italian and international cinema; Leonardo also earned the nickname ‘ heir of Carlo Rambaldi ‘ from critics.

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