Prop-making is probably one of the biggest components of the Makinarium strength; to recreate literally anything with different physical characteristics from its appearance, that’s a true art (and a fun!). The practical special effect is based on simulation of reality: fake glaciers, fake animals, fake coins, solid heavy materials which actually reveal themselves to be soft and lightweight…Also, the realisation of micro-set, maquette and historical props are not only artistic works, but special creations that serve the safety of actors, stunts and performers on a set.Realistic cutting weapons, sharp objects, glass, and any kind of material is carefully reproduced to look real, but with harmless characteristics for the actors. Makinarium already tested itself at these kind of realizations for blockbuster movies. But what we can accentuate more lies in the visual quality of the material reproduction. All the work phases, form casting to moulding, form replicas to coloring, coating and finishing, are enriched with all those techniques of hyperrealism that Makinarium keeps to experiment and improve.
Especially for the moulds, we always researching for new blends of wax and clay. Mould Making also allows the full-spectrum use of bi-component materials. So many materials are obtained as a result of the Props Making research. Quite similar to rapid industrial prototyping, but with all the uniqueness of the applied art. Makinarium is currently working every day to follow a constant innovation in achieving illusion. 

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