The Factory’s research is aimed to integrate all the special effects and make them invisible, like in any great visual illusion that goes beyond the cinema itself. Exactly this integration is the Makinarium’s ultimate mission, to achieve together with its most advanced R&D.
“LCW Integrated System©” is the first complete and customized patent of mixed techniques, which combines different support and technology solutions. Real plastic models are integrated during the pre-visualization phase, with low virtual polygon count simulations, for a strategic mapping of a set.


In Visual FX, Makinarium continues an important research, in a balance between artistic and technical direction, towards the development and finalization of integrated techniques.With the experience gained from its international supervisors, Makinarium is placed in the middle of a network of partners skilled in each department of VFX.Having its own roots in the European cinema, means to confront with very delicate visual choices of a film director, maybe on the line between photographic and pictorial realism. For this exact reason, an Artistic vision, even before than a technical point of view, has allowed this young company to lead international visual effects team.