“Limen Arte” Prize

The Vibo Valentia Chamber of Commerce recently hosted the 10th edition of “Limen Arte” Prize, promoted by the city Museum of Contemporary Art “Limen Art”, with the purpose of enhancing art as creativity expression. This year, a touching exhibition to celebrate the works of Maestro Carlo Rambaldi opened an edition dedicated to “The Art of Special Effects”.

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6 Underground

6 Underground is a brand new action – thriller movie , directed by Michael Bay, with Ryan Reynolds and Mélanie Laurent. Distributed by Netflix. With a budget of 150 million dollars, 6 Underground is currently the most expensive movie ever produced by Netflix. The film will be shot in Los Angeles and several Italian cities, including Florence, Rome, Siena and Taranto.

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It Was held on Saturday 15 September in Vigarano Mainarda (Fe) the fifth edition of the prestigious Carlo Rambaldi – Effect cinema, dedicated to the memory of the great master of Visual effects winner of 3 Oscars. The event, organized by Carlo Rambaldi cultural foundation under the patronage of the municipality of Vigarano Mainarda, as every year aims to highlight young talent and professionalism that have distinguished themselves in film and art. Host of the ceremony Victor Rambaldi, son of the great Maestro, who awarded four personalities who have distinguished themselves in the field of cinematography and creativity. Among the winners of this Fifth Edition: the Editorial Director of iMOVIEZ Magazine and actress sunny V, awarded for acting quality and versatility in film, tv and radio; the freehand designer Max Redin, for the originality of his artwork in the Visual Arts; the young filmmaker Marcello Baretta, for their commitment and passion made in the dissemination of Visual special effect. Leonardo Cruciano from the Makinarium group won the highest award of the Festival, for the innovation and the historical continuity in the creation of the special and Visual effects both in Italian and international cinema; Leonardo also earned the nickname ' heir of Carlo Rambaldi ' from critics.

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Catch-22 the first series of George Clooney. Ehe Hollywood star debuts as a Director on the small screen with the series based on the novel “Paragraph-22″ by Joseph Heller, of which will also be interpreter and executive producer. In The cast there is Dr. House Hugh Laurie. Shooting in Italy from may. The actor interprets and directs Catch-22, series event in six parts is based on the novel by Joseph Heller’s 1961 (published in Italy with the title Paragraph 22) and which airs on Sky Atlantic in 2019 […]

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Mostra Aeffetti

MAKINARIUM CON GUCCI PERSONA: AEFFETTI SPECIALI Aeffetti Gallery Exhibition shows with GUCCI: SPECIAL AEFFETTI a path that culminates in fashion as a contemporary artistic expression of a craft that was created for the cinema. Makinarium, his work with his art works, hosted by one of the most symbolic, historical-artistic and cultural attractions of Rome: the Curia Julia. Projections and fantastic creatures, as the Baby Dragon model created for the last show for Gucci, but also real archaeological finds, in a dreamlike location to tell the capacity of accomplishment as well as invention. [...]

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Makinarium & Gucci Milan fashion week 2018

Makinarium & Gucci Milan fashion week 2018 Makinarium & Gucci. Milan fashion week 2018: more than a catwalk, the Gucci fall winter 2018-19 was a real movie set. The Creative Director of the brand, Alessandro Michele has amazed the audience doing parading Cyborgs. In the background a sterile operating room. To transform models into creatures ' post human ' with three eyes, two heads and puppies ... by Dragon (inspired by ' Legend of the baby dragon in the jar '), was Makinarium, creative factory famous for having cared for, among others, special effects Tale of Tales by [...]

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