With the most advanced techniques to reach realism and aesthetic goals, Makinarium also approach to animated creations. The Animatronics, in fact, is mainly based on two factors: a realistic aesthetic realization (also for the fantasy creations) and a fluidity of movements of the inner mechanisms. To animate a creature we may involve a number of techniques that work for only one goal: its flawless performance for the camera. We very attentively start from the work on concept, which is followed by a design of all the levels: sketch, sculpture, internal skeleton, mechanics, electronics, robotics. Supported by all the techniques for a realistic finishing, Makinarium concentrates its technical resources in creating realistic movements too.
Makinarium continues to develop those techniques, similar to the robotics for the cinema conceived by the great artist Carlo Rambaldi. Mechanics of metal, aluminium, resins and plastics of all kinds, are constantly revised in order to perform in the best way possible, with every technique of dynamic animation.
The systems of remote control, radio controls, computer, position sensors, Arduino systems, electronics controlling, mechanic motor on oil dynamic or on compressed air, etc, are combined with techniques of hand-drawn animation and Bunraku.
The real every day challenge is to study and improve the movements, to implement remote control with automation and robotics more akin to Cinema’s direction. For this, Makinarium always pays attention to the classic techniques, to all the huge possibilities of their implementation in computer graphics and post production.

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