Makinarium has mainly founded its activity on the development of Special and Visual Effects technique. As a Factory, Makinarium brings together under its brand the best of homegrown and European talents, coming from different areas – visual perception, digital post-production, 2D and 3D animation, animatronics, mechanical effects, special make-up and hyperrealism.
Specialized in the development of integrated physical and visual special effects, Makinarium is enriched by associates and partners, skilled in different sectors as laser scanning, digital video of miniature sets and prototyping of small patented projects of optic and electronic physics; this peculiarity make it one of the most interesting European Visual Effects Factory.


The Factory’s research is aimed to integrate all the special effects and make them invisible, like in any great visual illusion that goes beyond the cinema itself. Exactly this integration is the Makinarium’s ultimate mission, to achieve together with its most advanced R&D.
“LCW Integrated System©” is the first complete and customized patent of mixed techniques, which combines different support and technology solutions. Real plastic models are integrated during the pre-visualization phase, with low virtual polygon count simulations, for a strategic mapping of a set. The relationship between scale and brightness that usually accomplish in a sound stage with Blue Back and Chroma Key technologies, is previously SIMULATED, designed, and projected, as by one “integrated effects” director. In order to control and achieve success for all the special effects, managing all the highest and completed parts of these creative and technical processes seemed to be the most correct way to proceed.
That is how Makinarium developed other applications for laser scans, for example, or creating customized system patents for a new employment of structured light and photogrammetry scanners. 
The creation of electronic green-light panels with a simple remote-controlled to adjust brightness and color, allowed us to use green or blue back even in tight spaces and with changing light conditions.Read more….