This is how we create realistic replicas and hyper realistic reproductions of food, art, macro and micro objects, miniatures, props of various shapes and characteristics.

This is probably one of the major components of the Makinarium project strength, because it is based on the art of recreating literally anything with physical characteristics very different from his appearance.

The practical special effect is again physically based on simulation of reality: fake glaciers, fake animals, fake coins, solid heavy materials which actually reveal themselves to be soft and lightweight.

Not only the realisation of micro set, maquette and historical props goes through each field of this art. But even more so if these special creations serve for the safety of actors on a set.

Realistic cutting weapons, sharp objects, glass, and any kind of material is reproduced very accurate to look real but with characteristics harmless for the actors.

Makinarium already has the achievements in its realisations for blockbusters. But what we can accentuate more lies in the visual quality of the material reproduction by Makinarium.

It becomes quite intuitive the importance of encapsulating all these departments and the various researches which indeed will enrich each other’s techniques and materials.

The phases of preparing a mold and moulding, the phase of replication, the finishing phases of any manufactured article are enriched with all those techniques of hyperrealism of which Makinarium is the first experimenter.

This field moulding allows us a number of researches on new mixes of wax and clay. Mould Making also allows the full-spectrum use of all the possibilities of specific creation of bi-components.

So many materials are obtained as a result of the Props Making research. That is so similar to rapid industrial prototyping but with all the uniqueness of the applied art.

Makinarium is currently working every day to obtain single case of new materials, special coloring, following constant innovation of material illusion.

Its laboratory boasts numerous mixes of materials and realisation techniques which implemented the LCW system of integrated effects.


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