MAKINARIUM, the new frontier for Special Effects

Makinarium is founded mainly on its activity in the development of the techniques of Special and Visual Effects.


As a Factory brings together under one brand the best homegrown and European talents from various areas – visual perception, digital post-production, 2D and 3D animation, animatronics, mechanical effects, special make-up and hyperrealism, Specialized in the development of integrated physical and visual special effects.


Makinarium is enriched by associates and partners, specialized in different sectors of laser scanning, digital video takes of miniatures and the prototyping of minor patented projects of optic and electronic physics, becoming one of the most interesting European Visual Effects Factory.


It is the integration of the departments, interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and different expertise, and its vision of the reality that is concrete and pictorial at the same time, are the hallmarks of the project. This method of work has led to the rapid development of a first integrated system of special effects, pride and the success center of Makinarium, which, by combining physical effects and digital retouches, delivers lifelike creatures on the set of the film, avoiding the separate use of green screen and CGI.


Makinarium aims to put for the first time under one roof the best creative talents and the most important units specialized in SFX / VFX, active in and out of the country.


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