All the research of this Factory departments is aimed at integrating of invisible effects like in the creation of any great visual illusion that goes beyond the cinema itself.

Makinarium conveys its ultimate mission together with its most advanced research&development in the integration of all types of special and visual effects.

LCW Integrated System is the first full and customised patent for mixed techniques, which use numerous support and technology solutions.

Real plastic models are integrated already at the pre-visualisation phase with low virtual polygon count simulations, in the strategic mappings of a set.

Ratio of scale and brightness between sets and a green back are simulated and designed already in the conception by a single director of the integrated effects.

For this reason the ability to perform all the highest and completed parts of these creative and technical processes seemed immediately the most viable option to design and control the successful effects in all their forms.

That is how numerous other applications were developed in the department of laser scans. Then structured light and photogrammetry systems complete the process by modulating it using customised patents of the system.

The creation of electronic green back panels with adjustable light and color with a simple remote control has allowed us to use green or blue backgrounds even in tight spaces and with varying light conditions.

Again with regard to the possibility of obtaining the better performing markers for 3D tracking, the use of printers based on the polymerisation of the resin and fluorescent liquid has allowed the development of less invasive solutions on the sets.

The creative process is in this personal vision of Makinarium supported by the internal research on tailored technical solutions.

The decision is made from the very beginning;   where the end of the effect of Special Make-Up, of a hyper-realistic scenery, of a variety of props and special dummies is and where the visual effects of post production begin.

The artistic director of the effects vision becomes the real know-how of Makinarium, that for each its project is searching through a full-spectrum of technical solutions in the world of Practical and Visual effects, experimenting in its own laboratories.

Nowadays we witness ongoing research and experiments in every sector of the effects and Makinarium makes its contribution with its own vision of Total SFX and VFX Integration.

Silicone mixtures with high sensitivity, encapsulants for prosthesis with epidermal reaction, molds in full transparency for moulding at sight, expression sensors for the animation of animatronic prosthetic makeup.

Animation of body props by magnetic fields and fluid metals, management software and software for stereoscopic pre-visualisation on sets, electronic systems for green back with variable light and color, photosensitive brightness marker, reading and image decomposition system for visual effects of rotoscoping and tracking to capture thermal information.

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