It is exactly with the advanced techniques of realism and aesthetics of each its creations that Makinarium impresses with the quality of its animated creations.

The animatronics, in fact, is mainly based on two factors: the realistic aesthetic realisation also for the fantasy creations and fluidity of movement by the inner mechanisms.

To enliven a creature we may involve a number of techniques that all work for the only important goal: its flawless performance for the video camera.

So we always start from the work on conception very attentively, which is followed by a design on all the levels: design, sculpture, internal skeleton, mechanics, electronics, robotics.

Armed with all the techniques and the possibility of realistic finishing of our creations developed in the division of prosthetics and special Make Up, Makinarium concentrates its technical resources for creating realistic movements.

Trained by directors very demanding for the creatures acting, the working groups of Makinarium continue to develop those techniques that are similar to robotics for the cinema of the great creator, Carlo Rambaldi.

Mechanics of metal, aluminium, resins and plastics of all kinds, are constantly revised in order for them to perform in the best way possible with each technique of dynamic animation.

The distanced systems of remote control, radio controls, computer, position sensors, Arduino systems, electronics controlling a mechanisation motor on oil dynamic or on compressed air are combined with techniques of hand-drawn animation and Bunraku.

The real every day challenge is to study and make the strength of movement, implement remote control with automation and robotics more akin to the times and ways of the Cinema.

For this Makinarium always pays attention to the classic techniques, knowing well all the huge possibilities of their implementation in computer graphics and post production.

None of this should ever interfere with the aesthetic performance always to be very close to reality.

Even here, the art can not be placed at the exclusive service to the technology.

Silicones, latex, synthetic membranes and lattices on polyurethane foams in the end must be the “real skin”.

The research on materials, the help of 3D polymerisation printers, the structured light scans help the work of the artists who always remains in the center of this vision.

Today Makinarium sets important objectives also in the sector of animatronics.

There are indeed being developed the techniques of control with sensors on actors which allow to animate prosthesis applied thereon.

But not only. Many techniques are integrated thanks to a continuous research and development like the current experiment in animating controlled by electromagnetic and magnetic fields.

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